The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose is not just another talk show. It is a process. It is an experience designed to lead you right into living your destiny and fulfilling your life’s purpose. This is a show for those who know they were created for more. If you believe that there is something more in you to share with the world, this show is for you!

Along with sharing her gift of prophecy, Ericka brings her depth of wisdom to bring solutions and guidance to help viewers understand why they were created and how to manifest their purpose.

In addition to Ericka, the show’s guests share their biggest lessons, mistakes, insights, advice, secrets and internal shifts they had to make along the way to create, sustain and grow their success. The best life is a life lived on purpose and this show will help the audience know they can do it.

Tune into The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose and be inspired, uplifted and transformed. Remember to invite your friends to view the show and be a part of the movement!

Episode 1 - The Power of Purpose

Being clear about your purpose leads to a fulfilling life. You were created with a purpose and to do something extraordinary. But, how do you actually do this? Join Ericka as she shares about the power and process to identifying and living on purpose in the first episode of this ground-breaking show.

Episode 2 - Knowing Your Identity

Knowing your identity is the key to understanding what makes you different from everyone else. When you are clear about this, you become unstoppable. Your identity is not based on what you have been through. It is based on who you were created to be. Join Ericka as she shares insights to uncover who you were born to be on episode two of The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose.

Episode 3 - The Art of Self-Love

There is self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem and then there is self-love. Self-love is when all of these aspects of Self are present and positive. Ericka shares the extensive work she has done and lead others through so they come to a place of self-love.This episode will guide you in walking in a deep and unshakeable love for yourself.

Episode 4 - Discovering Your SuperPower

Your superpower is a power or ability that is beyond the ordinary. We all have at least one superpower. When you discover and uncover it, it operates like a compass that keeps yous on track and moving forward in the direction of making your dreams a reality. Join Ericka as she helps you clarify what makes you extraordinary in this episode.

Episode 5 - How to Really Believe

Your level of belief informs, activates and initiates your level of action. Without belief, you stay stuck in “getting ready” or “getting set” but never getting to the go. Believing in yourself, your vision and all that it takes to bring it forth does not just happen. There are specific steps you can take to get to true belief so you can move forward at an accelerate pace. Join Ericka and her special guest as they discuss how to really believe in this episode.

Episode 6 - Beyond Intuition

Join Ericka and her special guest in this episode as they share their process and experiences that have led them to a place beyond intuition that allows them to tap into the Higher Power. They discuss how to hear from God every day so you can make sure you are on track for all you were created for.

Episode 7 - How to Be Fearless

Fear is NOT False Evidence Appearing Real. Join Ericka in this episode as she breaks through myths and misunderstandings about what fear is and how to deal with it. Once you understand the purpose of fear, you can truly become free from it once and for all.

Episode 8 - How to Stay Focused

It is not enough to have a big vision, strategies and goals. You must master the art of focus to actually get it all done. In Ericka’s more than 30 years of working deeply inside of the visions and goals of leaders, there has been one overarching issue no matter who I have worked with – how to stay focused in the midst of a busy and demanding life. Ericka and her special guest delve into techniques that will help you get focused and stay on track.

Episode 9 - How to Overcome

In this episode, Ericka shares how she almost gave up on her dreams and what made the difference to her overcoming her past challenges. In this episode, Ericka and her special guest discuss life’s obstacles and specific ways to prevail over life’s potential detours and derailments.

Episode 10 - How to End Negative Self-Talk

There is a constant conversation going on in your head. This conversation, or self-talk, can keep you stuck and stop you from even trying to move beyond your comfort zone or propel you to take bold action toward making your dreams come true. Join Ericka in this episode as she walks you through transforming old thoughts into new possibilities.

Episode 11 - How to Stay Inspired

True success happens when no one is watching. It is a culmination of baby steps that come together to cause huge leaps forward. In order to do this, keeping yourself inspired is a must. Inspiration comes from the inside while motivation comes from outside of ourselves. But, how do you stay inspired to keep yourself focused and taking the necessary steps build your vision.

Full Prophetic Sessions

After many requests from those who would love to see the full prophetic sessions (we did a lot of editing of the full sessions for episodes), we included all of them for you. There is something in each of these prophetic words just for you. Just click on the image above and then the ‘Prophetic Words’ link. Enjoy!

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Meet Ericka

Ericka D. James helps you fearlessly build something extraordinary. She is a master transformational specialist who discovered her gifts of speaking and leading at the age of 12 and has spent the last 32 years guiding people to become all they were created to be.

Ericka’s story has been about overcoming years of bullying as a young girl to begin building her dreams at a young age. By the age of 18, she had more than 6 years of student leadership under her belt and started her first speaking and training business. Throughout her college years she continued to inspire others to love themselves and achieve their life’s purpose.

She became a single mother at the age of 25 and almost overnight her life turned into one of struggle and overcoming. She felt derailed and almost gave up on her dreams.

When she was 29, she decided to fight for her dreams. She refused to give up. She made a decision to get her life back on track and do whatever it took to fully understand and manifest who she was created to be. She fought to keep her focus and created two successful businesses and a ministry. She has since led thousands of people to understand the greatness within them and to fully live their life’s purpose.